Script Set: 5$/month

Script for auto exping your Ertheia to 85 lvl with Dual and Profession.

Chronicals : Ertheia, Infinite Odyssey, Hymn of the Soul and Helios.

Tested on RU \ EU \ NA.


A short list of the script features:

  • Automatic pick-up and continuation in absolutely any place or stage script.
  • Dual quest rdy. (Any proffesion what you want)
  • Perform all quests in quest line!
  • Auto accept mentors and daily items.
  • Auto swap the equips.
  • Many Randomization for more humanity.

Interface description:

  • Server – Server where you play
  • Script key – key of script from seller
  • Take Stones – what stones you get from quest line
  • NoExp Time to Restart – Auto resart script if some chars is stuck.
  • Latency – Time delay in dialogs and some auto check (its ping to server * 4 ~ 400)
  • Party count – Max party count for exping in group
  • Max level – If you want stop script on some level.
  • Accept Clan invites – whether your character to accept the invitation into the clan.
  • Search Mentors – whether your character to look for a mentor.
  • Level to search – the minimum level at which the character will begin the search for a mentor
  • Time to kick – through a period of inactivity to kick his mentor
  • Check Orbises – action when a location in the wrong level characters.
  • Use interface black style – Color of tis interface.

Instruction for start - Instruction with images.