Price: 6$/month


Script-Plugin for auto recognize and enter captcha or avoid captcha, with bot L2 Adrenalin.
Script is very easy to use, have good interface and all enter without you!

Script can use auto recognition or some service like AntiGate.

Now worked captchas:

  • Captcha figures (circle, square, triangle and color select)
  • CAPTCHA with the introduction of a single digit or sequence (Ketra-wars)
  • Enter words, numbers and symbols in one time.
  • Enter letters or numbers on the condition. (Some color, Bigger\Smaller and else)

Script have 2 method of work:

  1. Auto recognize with my method using OpenCV (Computer Vision).
  2. Send captcha to some Service like or for get data from captcha.


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CaptchaInterfaceInstruction for start - Instruction with images.